Chop Vietnam visit the HIV outpatients clinic, Saigon – September 2014

Vietnam HIV Health & Social Support

Lam and Chris recently visited the outpatients clinic to present HK40,000 / AU$5,000 on behalf of Chop Vietnam from the HK fundraiser earlier in the year. The Centre now supports 2,649 patients, 30 of which require Ms Vinh and her volunteers to visit them at home due to their poor health.

During our visit we met Ngoc Thanh Tam – a 24 year old woman who has been attending the clinic weekly for 4-5 months since she became HIV+.

Dao Van No – a 35 year old man who has been HIV+ for a long time but came to the Centre in July as he was critically ill with a brain, throat and lung infection. He cannot afford to go to the hospitals, however, Ms Vinh sent him for blood tests and head scans as well as provides him with general medication and fluids. His health has improved significantly over the last couple of months and he’s gained weight. With Chop donations he can now go for further brain scans that costs VND2million / US$100.

Biu Trung Linh

A critically ill patients needs help & medication

Bui Trung Linh – a 36 year old man, is in critical condition requiring urgent blood transfusion following a recent bout of pneumonia. With Chop funds, he can now receive a life-saving blood transfusion. He has 2 children aged 2 and 13.

Truong Thi Hong – 38 year old woman has been attending the clinic for urgent treatment to a tumour on her neck. She can’t afford to attend  hospital for treatment but Chop funds provide the medical support she needs and a weekly check up at the clinic. They recently asked a local doctor for guidance on her specific condition, but he refused to help as this treatment was his ‘bread & butter’ and he didn’t want Ms Vinh to know the details!

The Centre still has major cracks in the walls from damage caused by the next door building site. The construction company is planning to rebuild the Centre but no details or time line has been set. The Centre will relocate a few doors down the road during the reconstruction.

Outpatients Walls

The centre still has major cracks on the wall

As you can see every dollar makes a huge difference to those in need.

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