Vietnam HIV Health & Social Support

1st August Chop Vietnam distributed generous care packages to: HIV/AIDS Orphanage & Hospice (The Mai Hoa Centre) and the Handicapped Children’s Centre (Thien Phonc Centre).

Mai Hoa Centre Care Package Delivery Aug 2015In true Chop Vietnam style, Kerryn Haig sent a call out to all her friends and connections in Saigon to donate food and any unwanted children’s toys, books and clothing. Within a couple of days she was receiving boxes of goods and food. Particular thanks to Phil Tran who rallied his staff at Glass Egg Digital Media to donate whatever they could plus cash donations of US$160 (AU$120). Jason & Michelle from Paper Wings, international children’s clothing company, donated boxes of products worth hundreds of dollars. Joe & Kiera donated all their toys. Sandra Morgan collected bags of rice, cooking oil and children’s clothes. David Campbell (Villa Royale Saigon) & Linh donated a variety of practical household goods.

Mai Hoa Centre Aug 2015At the HIV/AIDS Orphanage & Hospice, Sister Chau warmly welcomed us and showed us around. Most of the kids were at school but for the handful that were around they were able to choose their Paper Wings outfits. Unfortunately we didn’t have boys clothes but they got plenty of books and toys.

Meanwhile, the new Handicapped Childrens Centre is a few kilometers from the HIV/AIDS Orphanage & Hospice Centre and Sister Thi proudly showed us their new permanent more spacious home. A few of kids helped us unload the cars and proudly secured the cream of the crop of Joe & Keira’s toys. The plush toys were gladly received and distributed to all the children. Sister Thi explained a new wing of the centre, currently under construction, will house homeless elderly people who have no family support.

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