Update from Chop Vietnam team visit to the centres, April 2017

HIV Health & Social Support, Vietnam HIV Health & Social Support

A well overdue update from Lam and the Chop Team who visited the Chop Vietnam Centres in Saigon on 1st and 2nd April 2017 to further distribute funds raised from our Sydney Fundraiser from last October, Susie & Victor’s Wedding also last October and various other donations since.  Here’s Lam’s update….

Tieng Vong Group – Out-Patients Clinic:
On 1st and 2nd April I along with some of our choppiness… Louise, Susie, Victor and Rainer, visited HIV Out-patients clinic Tieng Vong group where Chop Vietnam brought much needed funds of HK$40K / AU$6,970 and some children clothes kindly donated by Vanessa & Michael in Sydney. 

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The latest patient numbers at the clinic is 2,914 with many of these being regular patients we’ve got to know over the years.

We had great news from Ms Vinh that the Church is building a new clinic next door, and will finally provide safe cover for the outpatients and staff from the current building the major cracks in the walls.

Mai Hoa AIDS Hospice & Orphanage visit:
On Sunday 2nd April, we visited the Mai Hoa AIDS Hospice and Orphanage, where Chop donated HK$30K / AU$5,100, also Lady Louise added HK$10K.
There were around 25 orphans where 2 girls just arrived few weeks ago. There were also 25 adult patients.

The centre has not started to build the new separate orphanage centre on the purchased land, as they still don’t have enough funding. Also it plans to build 3 new buildings on the existing premises – one will be for sewing room, another for handicrafts and last one for making Alter wine especially for adult patients.

At the Orphanage we met Giang, she is 19 years old and just returned to Centre about 1 week prior to our visit. Giang was orphan at centre who ran away about 2 or 3 years ago.  Since running away, she didn’t take any medication and recently got so sick, people took her back to the centre. We don’t think she will make it. 😢


Thien Phuoc Handicap Children Centre:
After Mai Hoà Centre, we visited The Thien Phuoc Handicap children Centre about 1km away. The centre is at its operating capacity looking after 70 children full-time. ChopVietnam donated HK$30K/AU$ 5,100.  Susie and Victor’s donations from their wedding last October in France were also distributed in the funds at all three centres, but they specifically donated 1,000 Euro on behalf of some of their guests to the Thien Phuoc Handicapped Children’s Centre.

Many thanks to each and every one of you for your continued support. Thanks also to Rainer for capturing some amazing photos during this visit.

Much love & respect.

Lam, Chris and the Chop Vietnam team.

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