Chop Vietnam team visits the Out-Patients clinic – 28 June 2018

Vietnam HIV Health & Social Support

Just back from a group visit to the Tieng Vong Group HIV/AIDS Out-Patients Clinic with a group of loyal Chop Vietnam supporters – Greg, Shawn, Belle and Deb.

As always we were warmly welcomed by Ms Vinh and her team of volunteers to a busy Saturday morning clinic, where at 9am in the morning all beds were already occupied.  We were all immediately struck by a particularly sick patient, a 40 year old man, who for months had been sick at home and not able to afford any help.  Only recently did Ms Vinh get notified of his condition and brought him to the centre for some respite, with the aim to get him to the Mai Hao Hospice for full-time palliative care.  He doesn’t have long to go.

The out-patients clinic has 3,028 patients on their books, with many relying on the clinic for general health check-ups, medication (vitamins, fluids etc) and for some, food, clothes and money for basic essentials.

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On this visit, Hasbro (via Greg & Shawn) kindly donated 11 boxes of toys and games – with 2 boxes going to the Out Patients clinic, 2 boxes to the kids at the Mai Hoa Orphanage and the remaining going to the Thien Phouc Handicapped Children’s Centre. 

Deb & Belle kindly donated some children’s clothes, stationery, colouring books etc, for kids of families coming to the Out Patients clinic. 

Lam brought HK$20,000 / US$2,550 Chop Vietnam cash donation to the Out-Patients Clinic.

Many thanks to each and every one of you for your continued support. 
Much love & respect.

Lam, Chris and the Chop Vietnam team.

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