Visit to Out Patients Clinic – Lam convinces young man to get better care

Vietnam HIV Health & Social Support

Last weekend we did a quick weekend to Saigon to see MamaChop. We also visited Tieng Vong Group (HIV/AIDS Out Patients clinic) and delivered HK$20K / US$2,565 to them. Here’s Lam story on this visit to the centre.

“Clinic beds were full when we visited at 9.30am on Saturday. Latest patient numbers now at 3,130 – a big difference since we began helping them 15 years ago when they had 300 patients.

I was so happy about this visit not just because we delivered much needed funds, but also because I was able to directly help a young patient – Mr Phong Ho, 27 year old who speaks perfect English. Phong taken to clinic by his mum 3 days ago when he was so weak, ill and unable to eat.

He feels that he’s dying, and no wonder as his body is barely skin and bone, compared to the fit young man he used to be, from the photos proudly shown by his mum of her handsome child. Phong feels his ailing health is a tragic burden to his mum and grandma, who have already spent over US$5,000 on hospital fees and medication with no positive results.

Despite this, the ever resilient, Ms Vinh is optimistic of a positive outcome if he’s given adequate care, medication and respite. She’s seen cases like this before with many making great recovery and able to live normal lives with regular medication.

So I went to him for a chat. We had conversation in English for privacy as other patients surrounding. After my chat he agreed to go to Mai Hoà Hospice Center for better care.

I broke the news to Miss Vinh and his mother Ms Cuc. They were so happy, I received big warm hugs with tears. We soon realised the next hurdle was to convince the Mai Hoà Hospice Center to accept him – they’re very strict on the patients the accept based on bed availability, patient background and circumstances. I told Miss Vinh to start conversation first and explain his situation with the Nun in charge of center. Miss Vinh had difficulties to convince her, so I asked to talk to the Sister, as we know each other given our relationship with the Mai Hoà Center over the years. I told her about Phong’s situation and dire condition. After some conversation she agreed to accept Phong and accept him immediately. Miss Vinh later explained this is exceptional case as she never had such successful quick outcome with the Sister before as she’s very strict to her.

I felt so happy because hopefully Phong can recover and have his life back. He smiled when I said goodbye to him. I got his contact details and promised to follow up with him. I’d like to share this as I hope for amazing outcomes.

Love you all and lots of luck and love to Phong please.”

Thanks to you all for your continued support.

Lam, Chris and all the Chop Vietnam team.

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