2012 Fundraising

A total of AU$19,400 was raised in 2012 including AU$4,000 by Lady Louise and AU$15,400 at Chop’s annual party!

Claire’s Kitchen in Sydney hosted this years fundraiser with over AU$15,400 between raffle tickets, auction items and donations.

Thanks to everyone who’s kindly donated items for auction (Oasis HomewaresEquator HomewaresSABAYeojin BaeJames & CoFlying FishCafe SydneyPrecious Peeps, Louise Flanagan, Nicole Hemms, Annabelle Gaspar, Toby Berryman; Joe T, Roger Barker), for those who have donated their time (Alasdair, Hamish, Emily & Keith, Tim, David, Danny) and The Idea of North for their fabulous performances. Also a very big thank you to Claire de Lune and all the team at Claire’s Kitchen at Le Salon for a fantastic evening, great food and venue – we highly recommend people support this beautiful little gem of a French restaurant at 35 Oxford Street, Darlinghurst, Sydney.

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