Host a Chop Vietnam Dinner Party

Host a Chop Vietnam Dinner Party…
From our original Chop Vietnam concept of “Great food and great company for a needy cause”, the Chop Vietnam dinner party idea was born!

ChopDinnerParty2012The idea is simple and easy. You host a dinner party for your friends, you provide food and your friends who attend bring beverages and donations to Chop Vietnam. Don’t forget to use images from our website to show at your party and explain what we do. Click on our flyer/invite on the right to invite your friends for dinner.

We’ve had a few Chop Vietnam Dinner parties, Hamish and Gary raised AU$450, Louise in Sydney raised AU$7000 with her “white housewarming party”, and Emily & Keith in Sydney raised AU$400.

To donate simply click on the Donate Now button on the right. No matter how big or small it all adds up and makes a huge difference.

Thank you all for your continued support and we welcome any fundraising initiatives and help in what ever way you can.

Please feel free to contact us by leaving your details in the feedback box below or by email at

Thank you!

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