HIV/AIDS Orphanage & Hospice

The Mai Hoa Centre is an HIV hospice that provides shelter, food, free basic medical care and orphanage for those abandoned by their families due to their HIV status. It also arranges funerals with dignity and respect by local nuns and staff who are often the only ones left to care for those in need. The Mai Hoa Centre is home to 27 young orphans aged from 3-18 years. It’s also home to 20 adult patients.

Over the last year we’ve seen a new trend develop at this centre – a drop in number of adult patients needing care, due to better awareness and more effective HIV medication. Although more children are being admitted to centre due to increased capacity.

Additionally, 5 of the orphans who have been at the centre since they were very young are now studying at local Universities / Colleges, with 4 students being sponsored by generous Chop Vietnam supporters.  If you would like to sponsor /  support further children through University / College, please let us know. 

Donate Now to help support this centre.

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